Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chit Chat

Work, work, work, work, work, more work, work again, and work, work, work. That about sums up the last two weeks. However, I have almost completed all of my hours for my contract. it has been gruelingly exhausting and I never want to have to work 300 hours in a month again.

I am also trying to get a personal leave of absence approved for my walmart job because I honestly need the break from there. And that is the fastest way to get it. It may mean that I get fired in the long run and I will then have to struggle to get insurance coverage somewhat, but it will be better for my health overall. So i think I will take being a bit more broke (moneywise) and a bit heathier in the long term.

We are FINALLY moving this weekend and will be getting settled into that and I'm sure that when I go back to the office on Tuesday after the holiday that I will have a bunch of paperwork to do to renew my contract. I am hoping that this job will make its way into areal full-time position with benefits and everything. That would negate some of my concerns from the previous paragraph, but since there's nothing definite in the pipeline then those are still valid fears.

In not so fun news, I am having health issues, have gained a TON more weight, and have generally felt miserable. The side effects from some of the medication they have me on makes it all worse. Hopefully I am finding ways to mitigate and deal with those side effects and I will be feeling more like myself very soon. But for now I am off to go pack a load of things to haul over to the new apartment and then come home and relax and either try to knit for a bit or just go to bed and try to sleep and hope that the extra sleep helps me feel better

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