Thursday, August 15, 2013

Full of whine

Bleh. it feels like a Monday today. For the record (and later reference) today is Thursday. I rolled out of bed just time to get here a few minutes after 7 and have been feeling like a nap since about 930. My shoes that I bought last night fit funny (of course) and I'm not sure if I can break them in enough to be good and comfy or not. It seems like my foot has gotten wider and the 9.5 that is long enough is too narrow, but the 10 is too long and possibly still too narrow. SO I'm seeing if I can make the 10s work, but if not I will have to take them back and continue to not have nice shoes for work. I've been wearing a cheap pair of canvas sandals or my flipflops all summer long.

I did find out yesterday that I good to go on my job contract for another year so that is some good news for sure. I also found out that I may end up not being at my retail job for much longer because of my poor attendance which is due to my MH issues. I'm going to try to get an intermittent LOA that my doctor might backdate to the time that my treatment started, but if not then I have to make it at least for another 2 or 3 weeks before I can put my two weeks in from there. We can make it work without that extra income but it will be tight and it will mean that a lot of the fun stuff goes by the wayside.

Which is likely to make traveling difficult and that makes me feel like a disappointment, mostly to my family because while I have a wonderful man in my life and am successful in my job (with plans to be more successful as time passes obviously) I can't share a lot of that because I am so far away and air travel is so expensive. It sucks really that I miss out on so much, but it was my choice to move so far I have to deal with it even if I don't like it.

Current first world problem: Cold coffee...yuck. If I want cold coffee I will order it iced, but if I want hot coffee and it gets cold before I can finish it that's just not right. Oh well, I think I need some caffeine to keep me going so I'm drinking it anyway.

I might run to the mall and check out some cute shoes on my lunch. If they fit better than the pair I'm wearing I will buy them and promptly return the ones I have on. Bonus points if I find a cheaper pair, which isn't impossible. Now if only I could ever find pants that are long enough...being tall can be a pain some days, but I don't mind it too much. Except for finding work pants that don't hit at like my ankle or higher...not cool.

But I think I've done enough ranting and raving for the day so I'm off to see what I can accomplish for the rest of my morning and into the afternoon. Here goes nothing...

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