Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho Ho NO

It's Christmas and I'm sitting here with a stomachache and the shakes and I can't decide if I want to bake or drink or both. Drunken cookies might be kind of fun....

JD is sleeping in the other room and I am just trying to stay distracted so I don't think about the loneliness I feel. I remind myself that even though I'm lonely today it would be incredibly hard on me if I were spending the day with family because I have such issues with MI anymore. I would be an anxious wreck and that might be worse than being lonely. I don't even know honestly.

Alright, I had something longer planned, but I basically lost my train of thought and spaced out for a minute (or five.) I'm going to find something to occupy myself whether it's cooking, drinking, cleaning, or just going back to bed.

Happy whatever and Merry everything...

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