Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Another day, another dollar (maybe two) and I am exhausted today. I had a stressful night at walmart so I stopped by the gym so I could workout and clear my head. Twenty five minutes on the elliptical did just that while giving me a better workout than the treadmill had been in 35 minutes or so.

It also didn't hurt my shins and I was definitely a sweaty beast. I will keep working on increasing my time and speed on the elliptical. I might take tonight off though because I work late once again and I may or may not be too tired to bother with the gym. Also, I should probably take at least one rest day.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow though, if for no other reason than that once my day is over and done and I am home from the gym and have done anything around the house that needs done it is likely that I will be getting a massage and consequently being covered in coconut oil. Yes, I'm spoiled and I know it and it's wonderful. I have a wonderful man in my life.

And now, back to work after boring anyone who bothers to read my blog with the minutiae of my day. 

Peace, Love, and Crazy!

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