Sunday, June 9, 2013


Or, my cat is a dumb ass.

JD and I were out last night doing laundry and getting groceries and since neither of us are ans of dealing with lots of people we went rather late. By the time we got everything done and got home it was going on 3 AM. Colt was being mouthy so I picked him up and realized I smelled cat poop. Sure enough he had some still clinging to his butt. Removal ensues but lo and behold...there is a piece of rubberband also attached to the piece of poo...

Stupid cat, we said. Where did he get those, we said. Why did you eat those, we said. So love is pulling rubberbands out of your girlfriend's cat's butt at 3AM...or trying to at least.

I can happily report that Colt made a beeline for his litter box after we realized that pulling it out wasn't going to work (and we determined that simply watching him to see if he would be OK would be our best course of action) and promptly did his business. No more rubberband butt. I mean, if he hadn't taken care of it on his own we would've taken him to the vet obviously, but I'm glad he's OK.

Today is going to be day 3 of my Lamictal (which I will take upon finishing this post) and after I eat I will be off to announce at a local roller derby bout. Tomorrow is back to the daily grind of work, work, and more work and apartment hunting. It also starts my off days for the gym (see that work, work, work thing) before I go back on Wednesday. Right now I'm hovering at roughly a 24 minute mile and my goal by July 20th is to be able to walk a mile in somewhere between 18-22 minutes. I definitely think I can do it and will push to make it. Baby steps are still steps...

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