Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Still alive and kicking

Ugh...I am finally back to normal. So I took some time last week to accompany JD to an appointment. We went out to lunch afterwards and I really just felt like we needed some time together so I took the afternoon off. I had felt a bit off at lunch anyway and wasn't sure if I'm not be sick (I wasn't) but it was still nice to spend some time together.

 Thursday morning I woke up screaming in a panic after having a bad nightmare/flashback and those tend to exhaust me so badly that I just want to sleep so I didn't make it to the office that day. That evening I started to hurt and feel more than a little off.

By Friday morning I was in considerable pain and nauseous and sick. I resolved to see if it would get better over the weekend but come Saturday afternoon I was in so much pain that it hurt to breath and I couldn't sleep. I agreed to let JD take me to the ER and after blood work and tests I was told that I had a raging UTI/kidney infection, was given meds, and sent home. I thought I had appendicitis or kidney stones for the amount of pain I was in and most of my other symptoms having been atypical for an infection.

I was still sore on Sunday and couldn't stand for very long at a time. Monday was better, but not much and I was nauseous again for part of the day. Yesterday was Tuesday and while I didn't feel nearly so awful as I had I still felt pretty rough and my body was determined that I needed sleep. So I slept thru everything. Had dinner. Then when I tried to sleep last night...NOPE! I finally dozed off about 3AM, got up at 8, had a therapy appointment, and finally made it back to work.

I haven't decided yet if I like the new therapist they have assigned me to. She seems nice enough, if a bit abrupt, and is clearly pretty athletic. We mostly just chattered and she seems pretty no-nonsense and I got the distinct impression that she thinks I am weird. *shrug* And I am so that's fine, but I'm already thinking about switching therapists so we'll see how things go.

There is the 5k coming up next month and there is a ref clinic that my roller derby league is hosting in August. I clearly have gone to the gym in a week cause I ended up sick so tonight is going to be my first trip back and we will see how it goes. Obviously I cannot get myself into perfect shape in two months, but if I stick with it I can see (or JD can point out to me) that there is consistent progress being made. His estimate is that by December I can be back in the shape I was when I really stopped skating last year. So I'm going to aim for that and more and when January boot camp comes around I'm gonna kick it in the teeth. Assessments will be in early February and I fully intend to pass those and be back on the roster for next season. It's going to be a lot of work and I have a lot of things that I need to learn and improve upon, but I know I'm capable of doing it and will prove that to anyone out there who dares to say differently. I'll see you on the track!

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