Friday, June 21, 2013


It's Friday and I'm feeling good. Lunch at the farmer's market later, followed by the gym after work and (I think) gaming later with some friends. Yesterday I had my kindle and headphones at the gym so I wasn't watching the display for time or speed. I found myself tiring out a bit more quickly that previously so I checked my speed and realized that I was moving about 3.6 mph on the elliptical rather than the 3.0 I had done the day before. So my workout yesterday was shorter, but done at a slightly faster pace. I'm pretty sure that's not a bad thing and now I will push to keep that pace and increase my time as I go.

Tomorrow I am announcing at a derby bout down in PA for another league and Sunday I have to work my other job. I'm only looking forward to one of those things. I figure come Sunday evening when I leave retail hell I will be MORE than ready to go de-stress at the gym for a bit. And Monday and Tuesday I probably won't get to go at all due to said other job. Bleh.

Next on my list will be getting back to roller derby with CCRD, but I've been off skates for a while now so I'm super anxious about going back and looking like a total noob. Or making a fool of myself. Or not being able to keep up. Or generally just feeling like I'm not a good enough skater to be there. *sigh* Gotta overcome that particular mental block (AGAIN) and then I will make it back. My goal is by July 25th at the absolute latest because a month after that in August is going to be a ref clinic. Although I just realized that if I am slated to ref at a bout on July 27th, I need to get my ass back to derby pronto and stop being a chickenshit about it. Next week will be June 27th and I should get my ass back then for as much skate time as I can get. Yikes....the thought of reffing makes me super nervous. So I'm going to stop thinking about...for now...and find other things to focus on until lunch time.

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