Sunday, September 22, 2013

Exercise and derby

Last night was the final home bout for the derby team I am involved with and they took away a win. Good job girls! Unfortunately there have been some changes made that will ever so slightly derail how I wanted to get back into derby, but it just means I have to suck it up and roll with the punches. I will NOT be going to roller derby boot camp this year because instead of it being in January it is quickly approaching and looks like it will start next month and I just feel like I am absolutely not ready to go back like that.

So I'm going to keep working out at the gym and keep trying to figure out how I'm going to handle the constant sesamoiditis pain in my foot and when that is figured out and the pain has lessened enough or gone away comepletely then I will get back on skates. I am hoping to make that something that happens soon because I miss being on wheels and the sooner I can get back on my skates, the sooner I can really start training to get that muscle memory back in working order.

I had a rough night on Friday about cutting the sugar and counting calories, but after I had a good discussion with JD yesterday about how it is basically putting my body through detox so that I don't crave the sugary stuff all the time (I've been having wicked cravings) I feel like I have a better perspective on it. that doesn't means I am going to consume NO sugar at all for the next several months, but I will be limiting my intake quite a bit and will be trying to cut out most sweets and paying more attention to what I drink because sweet tea is a thing for me when we go out to eat. He is also trying to cut out the liquid calories in his diet to a large extent and we will be ordering a food scale to more accurately gauge our food consumption by weight. I have a feeling that doing so is going to be a HUGE eye opener for me since I've never weighed out food like that before.

After I eat this morning/afternoon I am going to finally get over myself and take measurements and pictures to get a kind of before shot (I know I should've done them before I hit the gym at all, but this is close enough) of what I look like at the start of my journey and I will check them again in say...3 months or so I guess I dunno and see just how much I've lost by pounds,inches, and photo evidence. Hopefully I will be able to see a noticeable change because if I do that is only going to help me to keep making progress as I do that. Speaking of noticeable things...I see this morning where I have a TIINY bit more muscle in my upper arms and I've only been at this for a week. it makes me excited to see what other changes I spot as I progress. Today's plan os food, gym, shower, and then maybe trying to unpack because we haven't taken care of anything that isn't a necessity...also, knitting...I have knitting plans cause I don't get to knit enough!

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