Thursday, July 25, 2013

Angry rant

Grrrrrrrr....I'm incredibly frustrated at everything this afternoon. My day started off well enough and I was looking forward to going and viewing a possible new apartment tonight. I had Arby's for lunch, didn't feel like total crap (only partial cause of my cramps) and might actually get some work done today.

I get back to my desk after lunch and JD sends me a message letting me know that the LL of the place we are going to see needs to re-schedule for tomorrow night because the tenant is still cleaning the place out.

Trigger absolutely ridiculous, almost insane levels of sheer anger and frustration and annoyance. Because now not only have my plans for this evening been screwed up, but it also messes up my plans for TOMORROW as well. A reasonable person would say well just do one set of plans tonight and go look at the apartment tomorrow (which is now the plan) but since I didn't plan for having to swap my plans that means that I didn't bring the steam cleaner to work with me today because I thought I would be using it tomorrow night. I also didn't get any groceries last night because we were going to be doing it tonight after we saw that apartment. So tonight I'm going to have to work late here, go home, get the steamer, come back here, do a section of the carpets, and then finally go get groceries (or go pick up JD and go get groceries; I'm not sure yet).

Basically it throws everything off just enough to piss me off to absolutely no end and JD (bless his adorable heart) is trying to just be reasonable and point out to me that this isn't the end of the world and that we should try to focus on the fact that even though things are stressful and crazy we have options and whatnot. But he is quite logical and didn't take into account how illogical my angry attitude would be. So I got angrier and angrier (not at him) and kept fuming about it until he just stopped chatting with me.

Now that I'm (kind of) starting to get over my pissy fit I'm realizing that I am exhausted because I wore myself out being angry and I'm starting to feel a little worse because I'm still crampy and hurty on top of now being incredibly tired. But I still have another 4 or more hours worth of things to do. Awesome. Just fucking awesome.

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