Monday, July 22, 2013

Random medical post

So I thought I was doing OK, but in the last few weeks my health has taken a strange turn. I don't even know what exactly is wrong with me, but I feel off enough that I've stopped going to the gym or skating, I spend much of my free time sleeping, and much of my waking time wishing I was asleep because I'm so tired that I struggle to stay awake. I also experience dizziness, feel off-balance, get short of breath, and generally feel awful. My feet and ankles swell to annoyingly uncomfortable levels, I've gained weight (maybe it's a ton of water weight and will melt off quickly when I figure out the problem), but I have no appetite much of the time. But when I do eat I seem to be able to eat massive amounts of food without feeling ill which isn't normal for me either.

None of these symptoms/feelings point to any one health problem so I'm trying to find a primary care doctor who will order lab work and help me figure out why I feel so bad and then help me get better. The problem is that the wait time to get in and see a doctor (especially as a new patient) can have a wait time of two to three months and maybe more. I don't want to spend the rest of summer and part of the fall feeling this way. I want my life back.

And on top of my physical health I'm struggling with my mental health again as well. When I was at the psych's office earlier this month we made some medication adjustments trying to figure out what was causing my extreme fatigue (I've since began to wonder if it isn't something physical), but screwing with my meds meant that they weren't working terribly effectively and that on top of all of my other misery made me decide that I couldn't deal with everything all at once and I just gave up on my medications. I weaned myself off of them properly and went about my life. I'm still incredibly tired so maybe I was right about it being something not medication related.

I'm in the process of trying to find a regular doctor AND have been trying to reach the nurses at CCMH to speak with them regarding my psych care and how I can try to handle things. I'm also still apartment hunting, announcing at roller derby, and trying to lead the best life I can despite all of the problems I keep encountering.

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