Monday, July 22, 2013

Good things

Ok, so now that I've vented regarding my medical issues I'm moving on to other topics.

Apartment hunting is still ongoing, but there is one that we are interested in that we should be able to go see soon. We called as soon as we got the info about it and the landlord said he would call us back over the weekend if he got a chance, otherwise we should give him a call today so JD will handle that this afternoon. Hopefully we can go see it soon and hopefully it will work out perfectly because the location and price are both fantastic. I might also be able to have two cats, but since I haven't seen grey girl all weekend I'm starting to think that something must have happened to her. Depressing really, but I'm trying to think that maybe she was sick and that if that was the case then I made her last few weeks better even if I couldn't keep her. I refuse to dwell on the thought that something bad and painful happened because if I do I will cry.

Derby announcing is going well and I may get an opportunity to announce for a larger league in a nearby city. With the health problems I am having I don't know if or when I will be able to return successfully to skating so I'm going to use announcing as a way to continue to be a part of derby. I still want to return to skating and I'm finding that it is very hard for me to watch a bout and just watch because I want to be out there so badly.

And JD and I are coming up on a year together. We aren't going to be doing anything terribly extravagant because we know that we have bills to pay and we're (mostly) responsible adults, but I know that going star-gazing is on the agenda and we have briefly talked about going out to dinner, but we probably won't go nuts with it. We're also going to be doing photographs at some point and I'm sure that with my dislike of having my picture taken along with his that we are going to end up getting some funny shots before we relax enough to get anything usable. Hopefully we can get those done in the fall with all the turning leaves and whatnot.

Other than rants about my job(s) I can't think of much else worth sharing and I don't think my rants are really worth sharing so I'm going to call it done and eventually something really exciting and fun will happen for me to share. Or not...

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