Monday, July 29, 2013


As of today I have 5 weeks to work 300+ hours at one job in order to fulfill my contract and be guaranteed to earn enough in student loan payments to cover the cost of roughly a quarter of my loans. This means I am about to become a very busy girl and I probably won't have time to think, much less write. Upon realizing what a short time frame I have left I started off my final push for hours by working a 12 hour day today. Tomorrow and the next I should get about 10 and I can do 12 or more on the next two days. And, yes, I can go in and work on the weekends so I can do full Saturdays and partial Sundays.

Of course, we are going to be moving this month (we got that apartment I was being so impatient about seeing) and my lack of foresight and planning (or ability to listen to JD) means that he is probably going to get stuck handling the move all by himself. In fact, I should not be sitting here writing because I should be in the other room sorting and packing. The thing that upsets me most about this hours crunch is that through my own stupidity/fuck uppery I've managed to ruin the plans we had for our first anniversary together. JD is wonderfully understanding, but it breaks my heart and I'm so angry at myself over it that I want to hit things. But I made a promise that I would try to be better and not do that.

I'm off to get stuff done I suppose. We'll see how things go...

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