Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anxiety and Waxing

The shaky anxious feeling from last night is still here. It will ease up somewhat, but it hasn't gone away at all. I didn't sleep well last night and while I'm sure part of it is because my darling Colt monster kitty decided that I was fun to nibble on, stomp on, and generally pester all night long I know that my anxiety had a hand in it as well.

I woke up this morning with a vicious headache that I was starting to think would find its way to being a full blown migraine shortly so I begged off work and stayed in bed where I finally got a couple hours of real sleep. I felt a bit better, but I'm still a little twitchy and anxious. OK, maybe more than a little. But I figured I should do something with my day so after relaxing some sudoku and a napping cat on my lap I repotted a strawberry plant, watered everything else, and am about to embark on a painful journey...waxing my legs. Typically I just shave them, but I had gotten super lazy about it and pretty much have a forest so I figured I would take advantage of the length and save myself the trouble of shaving for a bit. I'm not brave enough to try waxing anywhere else other than my eyebrows and after having had a disaster where I thought I might end up shaving THOSE off I leave that to my beautician when I go see her.

I think laundry is on the agenda for tonight...bleh...and then tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving work early for a visit to my therapist, followed by a night out with my boyfriend. Dinner and a movie out in Erie followed by late night breakfast because we are nothing, if not a couple of foodies (one of the reasons I need to get my butt back to the gym). Then Saturday I think will be pretty low key and Sunday will be a trip out to announce a roller derby bout. I've found that I enjoy announcing quite a bit and I feel like it is a good way to stay involved while I am on hiatus from skating and trying to get my head back together, but eventually I will get back on eight wheels and hit some bitches. Meanwhile, I'm going to try and keep my derby chatter to a minimum here and when I'm ready I will get back to updating my derby blog. But for now, the wax has reached temperature and that means its time to maim...errr....beautify myself. Ok, its a bit of both, but I like having smooth, non-hairy legs. :)


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