Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm still stressed, still tired, and still struggling through my day. Nothing has changed. But last night my boyfriend asked me if I was going to sleep in our bedroom or if I was going to sleep on the pullout sofa bed in the living room. His reasoning was that he wasn't likely to sleep and if I slept in the living room I would be closer to him as he would be on his computer most of the night. I instantly decided I would sleep in the living room and despite being incredibly worried and and stressed out, I found that I slept better last night with him near than I typically do when he's up and I'm back in the bedroom sleeping.

Granted, I still didn't sleep well, but given how I'd been sleeping it was an improvement. I noticed this morning that I'm starting to get noticeable dark circles...

Anyway, I just wanted to note my thoughts about the fact that I sleep better when he is near to me and I find that to be interesting. He said he felt better having me close by as well. I woke up once (as opposed to more frequently when I'm in the bedroom) and when I realized that I could hear him typing just a few feet away I promptly fell right back to sleep because he was nearby and I knew I was safe. I love feeling and knowing that I'm safe. I really do.

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