Wednesday, May 29, 2013


After my earlier post I attempted to go about my day at work. Unfortunately for me, one of the things that causes me significant problems when I am anxious is that I tend to lose focus very quickly. Once I've lost it I have a hard time getting myself back to a point where I can do productive work of any kind.

Even though I've started taking medication for my mental health I'm not sure it is helping as my focus doesn't appear to be increasing. The problem with my lack of focus is that I have a TON of work that I need to be doing that I simply cannot concentrate on long enough to get it done. I have found that I work better in a quiet and empty office so I will be trying to come in early and stay later at times to make up my hours and get things done. If I am mid-task when it gets loud I am more easily able to ignore the things going on around me that would interrupt my focus and concentration.

Meanwhile, my lack of ability to focus is just adding another layer to my stress levels. Sometimes I feel like I can't win.

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