Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Beginning

So I do a lot of writing in a paper journal, but some reason I feel like writing here too. So I am. I don't know how often I will post or what I might write about because it's my blog and I write what I please. Right now I'm just feeling incredibly anxious and have been since my drive home from my office tonight. I'm on medication for my anxiety/depression issues, but I'm also working with the idea that I could be bipolar as well as learning what I can about PTSD as my psychiatrist feels that may also be something I suffer from. Given some of the events of the past decade I'm starting to realize that he may be right.

The last year of my life has been crazy in a lot of ways, but finally I have moments where I start to feel like things are settling down. I'm living in a place I really like and trying to make it into a home, have someone in my life who is amazing and treats me well, and even though I'm working two jobs and we struggle financially we aren't doing too bad. I would love to be doing better because that would obviously mean less bills and more money (and being able to visit family in Texas), but I know that life isn't always easy or fair no matter how much I wish it were sometimes. That said, if anyone wants to donate money to me I will take it; cause who couldn't use a few more bucks right?

I started this post without much of a goal in mind because I just felt the need to write a little something. Maybe this will become a place where I can share stories and tidbits about my life that people will find amusing or touching or silly or heartwarming or whatever or maybe I will just write here and there as a personal outlet, but I do hope that anyone I choose to share this with or anyone who finds this and decides to keep reading takes something away from it whether that is a lesson, a laugh, a smile, a good cry, or even just an update on someone that they maybe don't see much.

With hope,

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  1. Love reading ur stuff i will definitly keep ready it touches my heart please keep writing ( old school friend ) ;)