Thursday, November 14, 2013


So I forgot to actually make an entry yesterday because I was busy being productive. I stayed late at the office to start trying to catch up on some of my contract hours that I have missed and then quality time and dinner with my love.

We both enjoy cooking and we can get in the kitchen and cook together pretty well, even working on different parts of the same meal that we are throwing together without a recipe with little difficulty. Case in point was last night’s dinner that ended up being a bit of a Greek influenced chicken stroganoff type dish over rice instead of noodles. Rice of course simply goes in the steamer and while JD did the chicken I put together the sauce that glued everything together. And then while that hung out for a minute (or three) I steamed off some veggies and then finished them up in a super hot pan with some olive oil, salt, and pepper and called it dinner. I think getting to cook dinner with JD was the good thing about my day (yesterday) because even though we tend to do it every so often I really enjoy being able to get in the kitchen and share the space with someone that I love and create amazing food.

As for today, I’m 29 now and have been at work and things have been pretty low key. I will get to the gym after work because I’m trying to get back into that habit (I had been doing pretty good with it, but I got crazy and that tripped me up a bit.) I’m not really doing anything to celebrate because…well just because. I’m kind of low maintenance and kind of broke and really not interested in going out and drinking, which seems to be a common way to celebrate in this area. JD is making chili for dinner and we are going to spend a quiet evening relaxing I think. This weekend though, comes the food celebration cause food is something I’m good at. Trust me when I say there is a reason that I’m a fat girl. J Brisket, greens, baked potatoes, and (probably) a red velvet cake sounds like an excellent birthday dinner that I can celebrate all weekend cause it’s going to be a TON of food. And I’m fine with that because…brisket.

Today I've also really been struggling with an angry, pissy, moodiness that just has persisted despite my best efforts to not be cranky. Finally as my day is starting to wind down and I have had some time to relax and eat dinner and basically just do nothing except talk to my parents (they called to wish me happy birthday) and be with JD (who has been trading silly Internet links with me) I've started to relax a little. I also did some shopping and ordered some stuff that I wanted/needed and shopping is always mildly therapeutic. Except when its not like when I am frustrated by trying to shop for something. But I think despite my mood issues it turned out to be a good day overall.

I think the best part of my day turned out to be something that I was incredibly annoyed and grumpy at initially and that is my trip to the gym. I went under much protest and whining, but I hit 1.5 on the elliptical in 25 minutes. That's not a bad thing and it might be the kick I need to get back on the wagon (again) and maybe stick with it better this time. I will keep trying.

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