Monday, November 11, 2013


So in addition to challenging me to find one good thing about my day JD has also suggested that I start trying to write everyday. If I can keep up with things to write about and then just remember to write it might work. I don't have very high hopes for myself, but *shrug* who knows.

At any rate, my good thing for yesterday (because I never shared it and sharing it might help me be more accountable) is that we put hard boiled eggs in the spaghetti sauce. I had never had i and it was really freaking yummy. next time though I might not let the eggs cook as long before they go into the sauce. I felt like they were a bit dry in the center and a slightly creamier yolk would have made them even better.

It is Monday and I haven't really slept since Saturday night. I have no idea why. JD said he came in to check on me at one point and I must have actually been asleep at that point in time, but I know I didn't sleep for long and I know he was up all night. So I figure I've had 3 maybe 4 hours if sleep. I am wide awake. JD was smart enough to finally go lay down in bed about 9 this morning and is currently sleeping. I tried to sleep to, but my mind just wouldn't shut off. It goes off on these random tangents about crazy stuff and I'm done for.

So its 1130 and I'm up, I ate a spaghetti egg with a piece of bread and now I'm here. I need to run to town at some point and I need to get some unpacking done, but I don't want to drive alone since I've had no sleep and JD is asleep in the other room and I don't want to wake him by trying to unpack. So nope.

The thing about the random tangents that my mind sets off on...if I could do all the things that my brain can imagine me doing, I would be set for awesomeness. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way. Of course, if all the bad things that I conceived of came true I would also be set for disaster every single day so maybe it is a good thing that we can't wish or will or think an event into existence. Besides, someone would've probably already wished me dead if that were the case and I wouldn't be here to write this. Hell, the person that wished that could've even been me. I was a dark, angsty child. I'm not really any less so as an adult, but I try to hide it better because adults aren't supposed to be emo. Except I was emo before emo was like almost a decade. Does that make me a trendsetter? *laughs*

Hmmm, I still haven't come up for something about today that is good. Although given that I haven't had nearly enough sleep to attempt to be a functional human being I think the good thing about today is going to be that I'm glad I don't have to be at work. Not working can be a good thing. And today, on Veteran's Day when we honor those who have served to keep our freedoms, it is definitely a good thing for me.

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