Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today was the first real snow fall of the season and that gives me something good about my day. Not the snow. NEVER the snow. I hate the stuff. But it was good that I made it home safely driving through white-out conditions and just enough snow on the road to be dangerous.

I've spent my evening watching youtube videos, eating pizza, and browsing reddit. Nice and quiet and relatively relaxing and I'm remembering to write before I go to bed. My day at work was quiet as well although it got off to a bit of a late start since I managed to oversleep. Ooops...

My plans for tonight had also originally included some stargazing but the weather prevents that. Boo. And I'm rambling because I don't have much of a topic tonight. Hmmm...let's see.

Yeah, I really got nothin...I'm off for bed.

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